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Like every IT leader, you have to make high-stakes decisions that define your reputation, from purchasing technology to retaining or replacing suppliers. To succeed, you need fast, comprehensive intelligence you can trust.

That’s Computing Delta.

All our analysis – on suppliers, pricing and technology – is based on the personal experiences of your peers. And using our unique ‘Ask a CIO’ feature, we’ll even connect you too. What you won’t get is vendor hype or biased opinion.

Designed by IT leaders for IT leaders, Computing Delta buys you time to make the really tough calls.

  • Delta covers the most crucial and transformative technologies. Learn how to exploit the latest developments and avoid the pitfalls
  • Make better decisions that you can trust. Delta is completely transparent as to where its data comes from – and it is entirely vendor independent
  • Compare vendors on pricing, support and willingness to negotiate
  • Delta rates vendors based on what they deliver to organisations like yours
  • Create your own reports, build your own graphs to share with other users or export to a presentation
  • Delta connects you to like-minded peers who have faced the same challenges – Delta’s ‘Ask a CIO’ is your route to be connected to a CIO who’s living the experience

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The Delta Difference

The Delta Difference

When it comes to acquiring new technology, every business follows the same path, whether it is an SME or an international giant. Time-consuming market research is one of the first steps in the process, where tens or hundreds of companies and solutions are compared...

Independence, intelligence and innovation

Independence, intelligence and innovation

Technical staff often criticise market research - in any industry - because of its ties to vendors. Companies might pay for a report to be commissioned in the first place, placing pressure on the authors to ensure an acceptable outcome for their client; or they might...

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Delta is a new market analysis tool from Computing which draws its research from independently-sourced end-users.


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