This research includes findings from: * 238 survey completes * 8 attendees CIO focus group * 10 CIO primary research interviews *

HR platforms are often characterised by stability, with systems commonly in place for 20 years or more. While traditional vendors have been expanding the functionality of their offerings through new modules, new cloud-based players are challenging their dominance – moving quickly into niches where on-premises systems struggle. While vendors like ADP perform M&A movement to compete, they are still forced to maintain their existing platforms in the face of a rapidly changing market that increasingly favours remote work, mobility and automation.

This report covers the following areas:

  • How IT leaders today use HR systems, and how traditional vendors’ solutions compete with the functionality of cloud-first providers.
  • Important considerations when choosing and using HR tools.
  • End-user perceptions and ratings of HR vendors and solutions, showing exactly what elements UK IT leaders consider critical to success.

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UK and European research, not USA focused or vendor biased

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