Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software enables organisations to manage a number of important business processes including accounting, procurement, project management, risk management & compliance and supply chain operations from a central location. They can use it to track these core processes in real-time, or close to it, by linking together the various database systems deployed across different departments, providing a common view that can be accessed by authorised individuals from across the organisation.

ERP systems are among the most complex of any enterprise IT software solution. Because they are closely tied to business processes change occurs relatively slowly, but the market is moving. Traditional ERPs are slowly moving into the cloud while new offerings are aimed at smaller companies and / or specialised niches.

Although traditionally the realm of larger businesses – due to the costs, complexity and resources necessary to implement – the arrival of open APIs, cloud-based options and SaaS subscriptions models are disrupting the ERP market. The typical buyer profile now includes smaller businesses lacking the wherewithal to employ consultants, and even those with no IT department.

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