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This research includes findings from: * 246 survey completes * 8 attendees CIO focus group * 10 CIO primary research interviews *

Most large organisations today are either embarking on, or progressing through, their digital transformation journey – facing the daunting task of transforming themselves internally, while also moving from a legacy, siloed environment. In this report we cover the stories of six CIOs, consultants or heads of transformation who have successfully driven progress to a more digital proposition and Agile practice in their organisations.

This report covers the following areas:

  • Interviews with six leading CIOs, independent consultants or heads of transformation programmes about their work to drive progress to a more digital proposition and Agile practice.
  • Discussions covering topics including strategies for improving communication; the alignment and accountability of digital teams; the desirability and optimisation of KPIs; attraction and retention of digital native talent; and the perfect digital-by-default-team.

Table of contents

Executive Summary

Speaking a Common Language

Alignment and Accountability

Starting Small

The Wisdom, Use and Abuse of KPIs

Attracting – and Retaining - Digital Natives

  • Summary
  • Company background
  • Solution
  • Pricing
  • Adoption
  • Positive sentiment
  • Negative sentiment
  • In the news
  • Appendix

Two – or Three – Speed IT

What Does a Digital by Default (DbD) Team Look Like?

  • Scrum Master
  • Business Manager/Product Owner
  • Senior Engineers
  • Development Engine Room
  • CX Lead

Shared Vision


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