DevOps Configuration Management

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This research includes findings from: * 300 survey completes * 4 attendees CIO focus group * 5 CIO primary research interviews *

Configuration management (CM) – the use of a technology solution to automate, monitor and manage otherwise-manual configuration processes – is an important element of both DevOps and commercial success. In this environment selecting the right tool is critical, and is high on the list of challenges for UK IT leaders. The adoption of cloud and containers is swiftly disrupting the market, however, which begs the question: will configuration management as it stands today even exist in five years’ time?

This report covers the following areas:

  • The state of the market for DevOps tools, many of which share features and functionality, making a clear overview difficult to obtain.
  • How the primarily US-based vendors address the specific needs of the UK market.
  • The rapid rise of containerisation and its effect on the DevOps landscape.


Table of contents

DevOps – Configuration Management Delta

  • Methodology
  • Executive Summary

Trends in DevOps CI/CD

  • Enterprise readiness
  • Compliance, security and control
  • Skills and support

The DevOps CI/CD Market

  • Understanding the needs of the UK market
  • Choosing vendors and solutions
  • What makes a vendor a leader?
  • What makes a vendor lose ground?
  • Vendor positioning


  • Pricing
  • Reasons cited for not taking into production after trial
  • Appendix


  • Reasons for not taking into production following trial
  • Appendix


  • Acquisition by IBM
  • Reasons for not taking into production following trial
  • Appendix


  • Pricing


  • Pricing
  • Reasons for not taking into production following trial
  • Appendix


  • Pricing
  • Appendix


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