At Computing, we understand the pressures faced by modern IT leaders. You’re expected to have a broad grasp of every technology area, from the niche to the mainstream. You’re expected to understand all the latest developments, and the wider trends. And you’re expected to be able to distill all of that down into a two minute briefing to the CEO in the lift.

To make an already tricky task harder still, you’re bombarded by information, much of it of little value. We all receive constant exhortations to ‘Read this white paper’, ‘Download this report’ or ‘Watch this webinar’, and it can be impossible to pick the genuinely insightful out from the biased, or marketing puff-piece.

Delta cuts through this by offering actionable advice and in-depth research based on the experiences of thousands of IT leaders like you. And because it is exclusively funded by subscribers, with no sponsorship or advertising of any kind, its information is trusted by its rapdily growing list of subscribers.

It’s one thing to have trusted information, but how can you be sure it’s valuable?

This is where the Delta Steering Committee comes in. Made up of 33 of the UK’s top IT leaders, the Steering Committee advises the Delta analyst team on which technology areas are of most importance, and have been crucial in helping to choose the initial areas Delta covers at launch, and the roadmap for the rest of 2019 and beyond.

And their support goes further still. Once we’ve chosen a technology area the Steering Committee advises on which vendors should be examined, and what Delta’s analysts should be asking both vendors and end users. In this way, we choose lines of enquiry around ease of integration, return on investment, quality of training and support and many more.

The Steering Committee comprises CIOs and equivalents from a wide variety of industries and company sizes, from well-recognised brands through to up-and-coming organisations. Many of them have been advising Delta right through its product development, from its inception two years ago, and many are now also subscribers to the service.

Steering Committee members include:

  • Christina Scott, CPIO, News UK
  • Steve Capper, CIO, BAM
  • Nick Fokes, Group CIO, G4S
  • Laura Meyer, CIO, Harper Collins
  • Ian Penny, CIO, Hiscox

They form an important part of Delta’s unique methodology, focused as it is on end users. The research methodology will be the subject of another blog, coming soon.

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