Technical staff often criticise market research – in any industry – because of its ties to vendors. Companies might pay for a report to be commissioned in the first place, placing pressure on the authors to ensure an acceptable outcome for their client; or they might sponsor one to make sure that they are mentioned by name. It’s an unspoken, accepted industry norm.

But it’s not the only way.

Computing Delta is proud to be a fully independent market research service, without commercial ties to any vendor. All of the data, the research and the analysis is collected and performed by a team of analysts with years of experience in parsing information and maintaining neutrality.

We prioritise an impartial viewpoint in all aspects of our research, including the data that Delta draws from. Every survey, interview and focus group represents a broad cross-section of UK IT customers, informed by Computing’s excellent relationships with leaders in the space – and none put forward by vendors.

While existing products in the research space claim to talk to end users, vendors with close ties to the research agencies conducting the analysis provide these interviewees – and unsurprisingly, almost all of them turn out to be happy with the products they use.

Every participant in Delta research is an IT end-user without those vendor affiliations. They are free – and encouraged – to share their own thoughts and feelings on everything, from the state of the market to negotiation tactics. Every positive and negative sentiment – on vendors, tools, licensing, innovation, negotiation and more – is one that our participants truly feel, and that subscribers can rely upon to represent a true grassroots view of the market sector.

More comprehensive than relying on the opinion of a single analyst, Delta’s research with end users presents a focused view of specific sectors of the IT landscape, informed by people who deal with those solutions and companies every day. That ground-level outlook presents relevant, incisive and actionable insights into the market and its tools.

We even decide on Delta’s topic areas through discussion with a representative steering committee of UK CIOs and IT leaders, so we can be sure that we are covering the sectors that UK IT users consider important.

How can you claim neutrality when Computing is driven by advertising?

It’s no secret that the paid media landscape is in a decline, and many publishers – including Computing – have switched to a model supported by advertising. How, then, can Delta claim to be neutral?

Even though Computing is advertising-funded, Delta is a separate and distinct entity. Our research draws on Computing’s experience, but every report reflects the views of IT users across the UK; if they feel that a vendor is under-performing then it will be obvious, no matter if they are a Computing sponsor or not.

The fact is, Delta presents the real views of the end user community. Even if we wanted to lionise a particular vendor, with our methodology we couldn’t. If our respondents say a solution isn’t fit for purpose, or is wildly overpriced, you’ll see that starkly in Delta.

We value our impartiality and transparency highly, and we’re sure you will to. Call us to try Delta today, and see what a difference it can make.

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