Incisive Media has launched Delta, a new market intelligence service for CIOs and other IT leaders. Delta is Europe’s first truly independent service of its kind, offering balanced, impartial analysis of key technology markets, free from vendor sponsorship or influence.

The service has been developed by Computing, the UK’s agenda-setting multi-platform brand that helps IT leaders to make technology an engine of revenue-generation and innovation in their businesses. The project was led by Editorial Director Stuart Sumner, who has edited Computing since 2012, and his team of expert writers and analysts.

Delta’s two-year development period was assisted by a steering committee of 30 of the UK’s top IT leaders, who provided key advice around what they would want from the service for it to be of value to them. In this way, Delta was made by CIOs, for CIOs.

Steering Committee members include:

Steve Capper, CIO, BAM
Charles Ewen, CIO, The Met Office
Nick Folkes, Group CIO, G4S
Laura Meyer, CIO, Harper Collins
Christina Scott, CPIO, News UK

With ten of the most crucial technology areas offered at launch, including Cloud, CRM, DevOps and more, Delta will help technology leaders make optimal purchasing decisions, and form the right strategies for their business. These initial ten areas will quickly expand to 18 in 2020.

Delta is unique in that its research is conducted amongst thousands of independently-sourced end users. Delta’s parent brand Computing has spent over 40 years building up a network of trusted contacts at the most senior levels of the UK’s IT industry. It is these contacts who participate in the Delta research, giving their honest experiences with the products they use every day.

This research is presented in a dynamic platform, which enables users to manipulate the data to show only what interests them the most. In this way, CIOs can easily filter the experiences of their peers to see only the products which are of most relevance to them, or the experiences of organisations most like their own

Other facilities offered at launch include the ‘Ask a CIO’ service, where a subscriber can ask the Delta team to connect them to a peer who has recently solved a challenge which they currently face, and ‘Ask the team’, where users can connect with Delta analysts for a deep dive into research results.

Delta will continue to grow quickly post-launch, with new technology areas added regularly, and new services being added. The first major service update will be the benchmarking tool, which enables users to see how their IT function compares with their peers across a number of key metrics. This facility will surface key recommendations to help CIOs improve their function’s performance.

Sumner said: “Delta is an exciting new launch for Incisive Media, and enables us to provide hugely valuable, in-depth information to our audience. There’s nothing like Delta available anywhere in the UK or Europe. We’re delighted to be able to offer this service to the IT community. It has enormous potential for growth.”

Alan Loader, Managing Director, Tech Media, Incisive Media, was also heavily involved in product development.

Loader said: “The launch of Delta deepens Incisive Media’s role in assisting IT buyers across Europe with the highly complex purchasing decisions they make. Delta is a step change in IT research as its findings come from IT buyers themselves.  We are extremely proud to be the conduit to allows their valued thoughts to help future IT purchasers.”

Incisive Media has hired a new dedicated editor for Delta, reporting to Sumner, who will lead the development of the content and user experience. They will join a new business development director, Noel Anderson, who started in March 2019.

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